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Private Tennis Classes

About Gustavo Woltmann

Gustavo Woltmann was born in Rheinau, a town on the border between France and Germany. He works as a tennis coach in the South of France, specifically around St Tropez and Monaco.

As a graduate of the Pilic Tennis Academy Gustavo Woltmann has received the full benefit of Pilic's experience and coaching methods. It is these methods that have helped to develop cup winning nations and Grand Slam winning champions so this is well worth learning for yourself!

Gustavo Woltmann specialises in high end tennis coaching. He is fluent in English, German, French and Italian, allowing him to work with wide array of clients and giving them the level of training and tuition they need in order to get the most out of their game. He can come directly to your private home or villa.

Alternatively you will find him at a number of prestigious Monte Carlo country club tennis courts. These facilities are some of the best in the world and attract a lot of the high end players with great potential as well as a number of high profile celebrity clients who are keen to improve their game and work with a highly respected professional coach.

Contact Usgustavo@woltmann.fr

Why private tennis classes works

There are various reasons why getting the best quality coaching is so important for the development of players, especially young players. While it is vital in any sport that people train effectively and maintain self discipline there are certain skills in tennis that require a deep level of coaching.

In tennis the relationship between the player and their coach is vital. Gustavo Woltmann work tirelessly to ensure that players can get the full benefit of what an instructor has to offer, regardless of whether they are on a professional court or playing in their own court in their own back garden.


During a game players have to make decisions in a split second and a good coach will ensure a player can maintain self discipline and concentration (something that can be the difference between winning and losing!)


A good coach will prepare you in the right
way, ensuring that you are properly
conditioned to play the game off the court as well as on it.


Gustavo Woltmann has worked as a private
tennis instructor for over 10 years.


During practise a coach can look at how a player can react to different types of player and what they can do to counter it. For example someone who is physically stronger is likely to have a more powerful serve. Therefore you would need to be aware of this and be able to be in position to return that serve.


Technical knowledge and experience are vital. Gustavo encourages his students making them want to improve because they love playing and not simply for the sake of being competitive or wanting to be professional.


The coaching with Gustavo Woltmann can also be flexible. The advantage of using private coaches such as Gustavo Woltmann is that he can recognise whether someone needs a professional level of coaching and who simply wants to improve their game while playing with friends. It may seem strange but both of these contexts require different styles of coaching and the best coaches will be able to adapt to suit a range of contexts.

The benefits of private lessons

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